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Monday, May 17, 2010

sararisa - craft giveaway

tgh2 blog walking tetibe jumpe contest nie..
contest i likeee... *hehehhe
aku berminat sgt nk join sbb tgk craft yg kak sara tu buat, adehhh jatuh cinta weh..

jom join contest ini...

senang n mudah jerk contest nie..
adiah dye bykkk...
antaranya :
  • 1 helai tudung bawal korea
  • 1 pek DIY felt (card holder)
  • 1 framed quilling pattern
  • 1 pc felt hp strap
  • fridge magnet - london
  • 12pc novelty button
  • 20pc button
  • 6pc crystall heart shape
  • 4pc crochet flower
  • 20pc pearl flatback heart
  • 3pc emblishment flower

Tarikh tutup 18 MAY 2010 at 8.00 pm..

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